My name is Jarett Sanchez, and I'm the instructor at Fox Valley Tai Chi. I've been a student of Tai Chi (Chen and Yang styles) for over 5 years now.

Combining my previous experience in education and the knowledge that there are so few Tai Chi teachers in the area, I decided to start teaching a free class in the Spring of 2017 in the parks of Dundee Township.

I offer an entry-level experience geared for the beginner to provide a solid background in some of the basics found in all Tai Chi styles.

I am not a "master" and I do not teach the fighting side of the art (Taijiquan). I teach the basics of movement and structure (standing meditation, simple silk reeling, short form practice) and the only form I teach publicly right now is the Yang 8 Short Form.

If you're looking for the health aspects of Tai Chi or you want to know more about what it is then this class has plenty to offer you.

If you want to go deeper into the art (martial arts applications, Taoist philosophy, Chinese culture, etc) then I can prepare you and help connect you with high level teachers.